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SharePoint Server 2016 Release Candidate


Microsoft has released its latest public release of SharePoint Server 2016 as a Release Candidate.  This is the next update after the SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2.  This release is “mostly feature complete.”  That means that we should not expect to see any major changes prior to the General Availability release this year.  I wanted to write this post to highlight a few key areas for this release.

  1. The SharePoint Server 2016 RC is an UPDATE to SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2.  So if you have Beta 2 installed this should be installed just like another SharePoint update with psconfig being ran after the update is installed.
  2. InfoPath 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013 will continue to be the last version of these products and follow the support life cycle of SharePoint Server 2016 through 2026

Here are the handy links!