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Speaking at Collab365 Global Conference and SharePoint Engage

I was lucky enough to be selected to speak at a few more upcoming events this year! Both events I will be speaking about Office 365 Groups.

Here are the details on the sessions that I will be giving

Office 365 Groups enable teams to work together by establishing a single identity in Office 365. Office 365 Groups are a new and modern solution for collaboration in Office 365. There is a lot of confusion on what Groups can do and should be used for. This session will be a deep dive into all things Office 365 Groups focusing on the technical aspects.

We will spend a large amount of this session demoing Office 365 Groups. This session will include demos of:

  • How to create, access, and navigate
  • What are the core things to do
  • How are they technically structured
  • What administration is available and how to do it
  • What extensibility options are there

I will also walk through the pros and cons of using Groups vs other collaboration options in Office 365. Groups are also one of the fastest changing solutions in Office 365, so this session will bring everyone up to speed on the most recent updates that Microsoft has rolled out and what innovations are next. By the end of the session you should have a better understanding of what Groups can do and if they are right for your enterprise right now or in the future!

Collab365 Global Conference

Collab365 Global Conference 2016

The events ran by the Collab365 team (Collaboris) have evolved into must-attend events. These are fully online events so you can join from anywhere! They are now running 3 events that span a global audience. The best part about these events is that they are FREE to all. That’s right, you can get all of this amazing SharePoint and Office 365 content for free. These events continue to grow and the community for Collab365 has over 38,000 members now. I have spoken at these events before and really look forward to this one.

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SharePoint Engage

SharePoint Institute SharePoint Institute

SharePoint Engage is ran by the SharePoint Institue which is an organization dedicated to the advancement of professoinals through real-world SharePoint certificaiton. The SharePoint Institute’s goal is to provide a standard for SharePoint professionals to gauge their knowledge and distinguish their SharePoint expertise from others. This will be my first SP Engage event and I am very excited to join a great collection of speakers down in Raleigh. If you are able to make it and see me wandering around make sure to come on over and say hello! I really enjoy speaking at conferences like this os I can get to know all the great people in our community and learn more about what other people are doing with SharePoint and Office 365.

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