SPTechCon Boston Slides & Scripts


Thanks to all who joined my session at SPTechCon Boston.  This was my first SPTechCon event and look forward to speaking/attending again.  The conference was ran great and had a great selection of content.  I did a presentation on a deep dive into Office 365 Groups.  I went through some high level management topics and then went deep into Powershell administration options. I put all of the scripts that I discussed onto Github so people can help contribute.  I will be trying add to this project as I find new handy scripts.

Here are the links to the slides and the slides and the scripts:

Scripts:     http://bit.ly/DrewO365GroupScripts

Slides:      http://bit.ly/DrewO365GroupsSlides

Here is my session abstract:

Office 365 Groups enable teams to work together by establishing a single identity in Office 365. Office 365 Groups are a new and modern solution for collaboration in Office 365. There is a lot of confusion on what Groups can do and should be used for. This session will be a deep dive into all things Office 365 Groups focusing on the technical aspects..
We will spend a large amount of this session demoing Office 365 Groups. This session will include demos of:

  • How to create, access, and navigate
  • What are the core things to do
  • How are they technically structured
  • What administration is available and how to do it
  • What extensibility options are there

I will also walk through the pros and cons of using Groups vs other collaboration options in Office 365. Groups are also one of the fastest changing solutions in Office 365, so this session will bring everyone up to speed on the most recent updates that Microsoft has rolled out and what innovations are next. By the end of the session you should have a better understanding of what Groups can do and if they are right for your enterprise right now or in the future!

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