Speaking at Collab365


I was fortunate to be chosen to speak at this years Collab365 Summit occuring May 10th – 12th.  Collab365 is a FREE online conference that has been evolving for a few years and every year keeps getting bigger.  The sessions are built around SharePoint and Office 365 and have tracks that are set for IT Pros, IT Devs and Business Delegates.

If you haven’t registered make sure you sign up HERE

My session will be about….

Office 365 Video, learn it – love it – use it

What’s the easiest and safest way to share training videos, company updates, and messages from the CEO to all of the employees in your organization? Office 365 Video is a quickly evolving NextGen portal that can help bring your company to the modern workplace.

In this session I will go through what Office 365 Video is and some of the key scenarios where it can be utilized.  In more detail I will be going through:

  • Technical architecture
  • Management of videos and the video portal
  • End user experience & mobility
  • Where and when to use it
  • Extensibility

Office 365 Video is also changing quickly and this session will also bring everyone up to speed on the most recent updates that Microsoft has rolled out and anything that is identified in the upcoming roadmap.

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