Disabling Office 365 Video

I don’t really want to write this post as I believe everyone who has Office 365 and appropriate licenses for Video should be looking at it, but I have worked with quite a few clients recently and understand the need to control the release of features.  When Office 365 Video was announced a few years ago it came with little fanfare as it was really just the beginning of an enterprise video solution. Over the past year the solution has continued to evolve and is now becoming a valuable tool in the tool-belt of Office 365.


When you sign up for Office 365 you are at the mercy of Microsoft as far as the releasing of new technology. This is normally a new release philosophy that your company will need to evolve into. There are different ways to control the flow of information being release in Office 365 using things like First Release or even another tenant but this post is specific to the scenario controlling Office 365 Video.

To start…all of this information is only as valid as to when this post was written (April 2016).  As O365 is changing often this may not be how to do this in the future.

A few quick notes:

  • By default the Office 365 Video portal is turned on
  • By default anyone who has an appropriate license can create channels
  • The Video tile will be available to anyone who has an appropriate license
  • The Office 365 Video portal hub is a site collection in SharePoint Online

2016-04-11 12_12_02-Start

Steps to disable the Office 365 Video Portal

1 – Navigate to your SharePoint Online Admin Center

  • Option 1:  Direct URL (replace contoso with your tenant info):  https://contoso-admin.sharepoint.com
  • Option 2:  Navigate to Office 365 Admin Center -> Use the left navigation to open the SharePoint Admin Center

2016-04-11 12_21_16-Start

2 – Click “settings” in the left navigation of the SharePoint Admin Center

2016-04-11 12_22_28-Cortana

3 – Scroll down down to the section titled: “Streaming Video Service”

  • Check “Disable streaming video through Azure Media Services and disable the Video Portal”

2016-04-11 12_25_30-Photos

  • Click “OK” at the bottom of the page

4 – Wait….Wait…..keep waiting….It will take a few minutes for the tile to be removed.

2016-04-11 12_35_26-Start

5 – If you try to navigate directly to the Video portal url (https://contoso.sharepoint.com/portals/hub) you will now see a new message

2016-04-11 12_43_27-Photos


SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs Materials


It was a great day at Devry University for SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs 2016. There was a great speaker lineup and nearly 500 registered attendees.  There ended up being a strong turnout which included a good collection of sponsors both local and national.  Going to SP Saturday events I am always amazed the SP community and the dedication to the space.  Knowing that these events occur nearly every Saturday across the globe seems a little crazy.  I don’t know of any other tech community that has a following like this one.  I can say I have never been to an Excel Saturday yet.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or shouldn’t exist though! In Chicago I performed 2 sessions both with great attendance.


My first session was with my coworker Matt Engibous around building Collaboration Roadmaps.  This is a session where we stay at a high level of discussion but go through real world scenarios and proven processes to putting together a plan for SharePoint or Office 365.  By the end of the session we hope that the attendees have some ammunition and actual files that they can use to initiate this process in their own company.  Included in this session are documents such as a content inventory, workshop template, and a UX/UI survey.  All of these files are located in the link at the bottom with the slides.


The second session I performed was on SharePoint Designer workflows.  In this session I walk through users the differences between different versions of SharePoint designer all the way up through a detailed demo of building a subsite using REST services.  With this session I hope to be able to provide some tips and tricks to all skill levels of designer from the basic up to the advanced.  I have a detailed slide with super helpful links at the end of the presentation.  All of those slides can be viewed in the link below.

Thank you to all who joined!

Link to slides and materials!

Speaking at Collab365


I was fortunate to be chosen to speak at this years Collab365 Summit occuring May 10th – 12th.  Collab365 is a FREE online conference that has been evolving for a few years and every year keeps getting bigger.  The sessions are built around SharePoint and Office 365 and have tracks that are set for IT Pros, IT Devs and Business Delegates.

If you haven’t registered make sure you sign up HERE

My session will be about….

Office 365 Video, learn it – love it – use it

What’s the easiest and safest way to share training videos, company updates, and messages from the CEO to all of the employees in your organization? Office 365 Video is a quickly evolving NextGen portal that can help bring your company to the modern workplace.

In this session I will go through what Office 365 Video is and some of the key scenarios where it can be utilized.  In more detail I will be going through:

  • Technical architecture
  • Management of videos and the video portal
  • End user experience & mobility
  • Where and when to use it
  • Extensibility

Office 365 Video is also changing quickly and this session will also bring everyone up to speed on the most recent updates that Microsoft has rolled out and anything that is identified in the upcoming roadmap.

SharePoint Server 2016 Webinar

I recently did a webinar with my coworker Matt Engibous on SharePoint Server 2016.  This webinar was recorded and I wanted to pass along a link to the recording.

Link to webinar video

Here is detailed information about what we discussed in the webinar…

Learn What You Need to Know about SharePoint 2016

Are you falling behind with your current version of SharePoint? Join us for a webinar to learn what’s new in SharePoint 2016 to keep your business on the leading edge. We’ll walk through:

  • How did we get here?
  • New key features
  • What is being deprecated in this version
  • Upgrade options
  • And more!

SharePoint Server 2016 Goes RTM


After multiple previews of SharePoint Server 2016 being available for the public to test and learn, the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version of SharePoint Server 2016 is now available to download.  Today also announced general availability of the Cloud Hybrid Search solution for SharePoint.  General availability of SharePoint Server 2016 will be occurring in May.

The product key for a trial of RTM can be same as the product key provided for Beta 2:



Here are the detailed links: