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Collection of Site Design and Site Script Scripts

A collection of scripts that you can put together when working with Site Designs and Site Scripts in SharePoint Online.

  • Creating site scripts and site designs
  • Add and remove site scripts from an existing site design
  • Setting site design view rights
  • Getting site scripts from a list
  • Viewing status and information about previous ran or running site designs

Collection of Office 365 Groups Scripts

I put together a collection of scripts that I found helpful for administering Office 365 Groups.  I  put this script up on Github as I plan to add to this as I find other helpful scripts.  Please feel free to add any goodness that you find! Some of the scripts included are basic such as add and edit but there are also scripts that do things like:

  • Get all groups that don’t have owners
  • Set Azure AD creation restriction
  • Configure multi-domain management

Get all document libraries in a web application with Require Check Out enabled

The ability to enable email notifications for SharePoint task lists through the GUI was removed in SharePoint 2013.  This can be turned on via Powershell as seen in this script.  When this feature is enabled it well send an e-mail when ownership is assigned or when an item has been changed.  In a high transactional task process (automated task creation as example) this could lead to an incredible amount of emails.  Fortunately we have the ability to change the types of event that fire these emails in powershell.  The primary use case I used this for is too only send task emails on creation of the item (Add).

Adjust events for email notifications on task lists in SharePoint 2013

This script can be used get a list of all document libraries that have the Require Check Out option set to true in a web application.  This will traverse all site collections and subsites in a site collection.  I have confirmed this works with SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

Create SharePoint Subsites with Custom Permissions & Templates Using Powershell

This script will create subsites across multiple site collections based on a CSV file and also disable and enable certain site features. This script will also create 3 custom permissions groups if requested along with the ability to handle custom site templates.

Set Offline Client Availability by Site Collection via CSOM – SharePoint Online

Script to set the Offline Client Availablity option for a site collection and optionally all of it’s subsites via CSOM. This works on Classic and group sites within SharePoint Online. Setting this property to true does not disable synchronization but hides it from the toolbar.


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