Welcome to my blog

My name is Drew Madelung and I’ve been in Information Technology for over 14 years and have held positions across the technology stack. After college (UW-Milwaukee) I started out doing .NET and SQL development. From there, I moved over to the server and networking world as an infrastructure lead. While in that position, SharePoint became one my companies premier technologies and as the primary owner I was spending a lot of my time with it. I spent multiple years honing my skills before making the leap into consulting. Today, I am a Associate Director at Protiviti. I now spend my time helping out clients across the Microsoft collaboration stack both in Office 365 and on-premises. I have started to move more into security & compliance controls as they relate to Microsoft 365 specifically information protection and governance. I still try do some development every now and then but I like to leave that to the experts.  I was honored with the Microsoft MVP award in 2017 in the Office Apps and Services community and continue to hold that honor today. 

I have experience leading teams and projects of all sizes. I have experience in building strategies and implementations of content management solutions across platforms and also specialize in governance, taxonomy, information architecture planning. My most recent focus has been around Office 365 and overall Microsoft cloud architecture.

On this blog you will find my thoughts, ideas, and tips about technology. In my current role I work mainly with Microsoft products. The Microsoft technologies I work with the most are SharePoint (2007 – 2019), the Office 365 stack (SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Groups, Planner, Stream, Delve), PowerShell, SharePoint Designer, and Office client stack.

If you have questions about this site or are interested in having me write for your publication feel free to contact me.



Besides technology I have a few other hobbies that I may blog about on here. I am an avid Wisconsin sports fan and golfer. If you ever want to talk about the Packers or Badgers or need someone to fill out your 4-some let me know.


I also watch a lot of movies both good and bad. I may be posting some of my unheralded opinions on this site to change it up every now and then.